Please get in touch now if you are interested in getting married in East Mendip Trinity

I am always happy to marry any couple who live in Coleford, Holcombe or Kilmersdon with Babington, or who have a connection with any of the villages.

Please get in touch with me as soon as you can to talk about dates, and also to come and see the church. You may find it helpful to look at this excellent Church of England website Your Church  Wedding: However, I am here to talk to you about your wedding so please do email or ring me (details below) and then we can meet to have a chat.

You may be married in Holy Trinity Coleford, St Andrew’s Holcombe, Holcombe Old Church or St Peter and St Paul Kilmersdon. Weddings at St Margaret’s Babington are a special case and please see the information under St Margaret’s Babington.

Weddings at Holcombe Old Church will be more expensive, as on top of the fees below there will be the Churches Conservation Trust fee of £550. However, in general weddings are not expensive in church.  

The fees for 2024 are

Marriage service: £531.00 (this is a statutory fee, not set by us)
Publication of Banns: £36.00 (again, not set by us)
Organist: normally between £90 – £110, depending on the organist
Heating: £35 (it will be up to us to decide whether we need  to charge this – always in winter, usually in spring and autumn and occasionally in summer)
Flowers: to be discussed at time of booking the wedding (see below)
Holcombe Old Church: extra fees supplied on application.
All wedding fees will be included in your invoice, to be paid before your wedding rehearsal. 


You may engage a florist to provide flowers, you may do your own, or you may simply have whatever flowers happen to be in church for that weekend. If the last, there is no charge. If either of the first two, then the cost is up to you. We do ask that you leave some flowers in church for the Sunday, and depending on what you do, you may need to have someone responsible to take the flowers out during the following week.

Marriage after Divorce

I do marry people who have been divorced. I shall have to see your divorce papers, and we shall need to talk about each situation individually with any couple wanting to marry. We cannot guarantee to marry every couple where there is a previous marital partner still living, but we always do our best to accommodate people.

This is your wedding so do email me on [email protected] or ring me on 01373 812705 as soon as you can.