I am very happy to Christen anyone who lives in East Mendip Trinity, or anyone who has a good connection with Coleford, Holcombe or Kilmersdon with Babington. During the Christening, your child will be baptized. It’s the beginning of an amazing journey (a pilgrimage) with God, and with parents, Godparents, friends, family and Holy Trinity, St Andrew’s, St Peter and St Paul or St Margaret’s. You do not have to be a church goer and neither do you have to be married or have a partner. You can be Christened at any age,

You will need to have three Godparents for your child – two of the same sex and one of the other sex. You can have more, but three or four is an ideal number. All your Godparents need to have been Christened themselves. If your child is five or less, then I am happy simply to do the Christening. If your child is between six and 16, then I should like to have a chat with him or her first. If it is an adult who is being Christened, then we shall do some preparation together. If an adult is being Christened, then Godparents are not necessary.

Christenings may be on any day of the week, though normally they are on Saturdays (at any time), at 9.30 on Sundays in Coleford (during our morning service), 11.15 on Sundays in Holcombe or Kilmersdon (during our morning services). I do get booked up, so please make sure you contact me well in advance.

There is no fee for a Christening, although we ask for donations. Please see here and go to the church where you are having your Christening. Also, if you Christening is not during a Sunday service and it is cold we will charge a fee of £35 for heating. 

You might like to have a look at the very helpful Church of England website Church of England Christenings where you can also light a virtual candle for your baby or child or whoever is being Christened.

However, this is your Christening service so do email me on [email protected] or ring me on 01373 812705 as soon as you can.